Tr. Mitch Gustilo.  To be productive in this life, we have to learn the skill of selection.
We cannot do everything that we want to do because we are so limited.
We need to set our priorities clearly.
Because life is short, we need to differentiate the urgent from the important.
But It takes skill and the wisdom from God to know
What is important

Catch: God did not design us to do nothing or to do everything. He wants us to do what is really important.

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Pastor Toto Gustilo Hindi natin magagawa ang lahat ng bagay.
Hindi natin dapat gawin ang lahat ng responsibilidad sa buhay.
Kailangan ng galing upang piliin ang dapat sa hindi dapat, ang tama sa mali, ang di importante sa
Tunay na mahalaga

Buod: Nais ng Diyos na gawin natin ang Kanyang kalooban dahil iyon lamang ang tunay na mahalaga.

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