Tr. Mitch Gustilo. People by nature are unstable and insecure.
It was not like that when we born in this world.
We were oozing with confidence and felt that we were in full control of everything.
But because of our life experiences, we slowly lost our confidence and we have become very anxious.
To be in control of the next ups and downs of life, we need a Savior who will teach us to
Learn to be Content

Catch: If we know and do the secret of contentment, then we will become so powerful. We will be victors and not victims.

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Pastor Toto Gustilo Hindi lahat ng panahon ay maganda
Hindi lahat ng pagkakataon ay pabor lamang para sa atin
Upang harapin ang pabago bagong sitwasyon ng buhay, kailangang isabuhay
Ang sikreto ng kuntento

Buod: Malakas ang taong kuntento. Siya ang may kontrol at di sya palagiang apektado.

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