Day 1

  • Personal: Complete devotion and commitment to God to daily seek Him and obey all His commands
  • Family: Complete salvation of the whole immediate family through our personal witness
  • Church: Greater influence of the church through the displayed excellence of all Faithful members, volunteers and leaders
  • Philippines: Perfect will of God regarding our country’s Tax Reform Program
  • World Harvest: Each one will disciple 12 people who will in turn disciple 12 more

Day 2

  • Personal: Manifestation of a Spirit-Led life through His spiritual gifts and fruits
  • Family: Miracles and favor of God as we seek and serve God
  • Church: Double harvest of disciples through all our multiple Sunday Celebration Services, Faith & Lead Groups, Midweek Prayer & Equipping Nights, People Net (MOF, WOMB, PROs, CYOD and KOD) and all Faithful Outreaches in multiple locations
  • Philippines: Righteousness during President Duterte’s governance and economic development
  • World Harvest: Open Faith Groups in 12 campuses every month to complete our 144 new campuses for 2018



Day 3

  • Personal: Response to the call to please God in out homes, campuses, offices and communities
  • Family: Provision and protection for good health and wealth
  • Church: Triple the number of tithes, offerings and donations of our generous givers and supporters
  • Philippines: Protection from all forms of corruption and national disasters
  • World Harvest: Open doors to do missions and church planting in Asia and beyond