Conquers campuses

Each student is given a chance to join the vision of establishing a CYOD group inside a campus. They are trained and taught on the basics of conquering a campus ensuring that good leaders will win over the bad system.

Youth on Fire

The youths also experience an out-of-this-world encounter with God. We believe that the love of God is what sets our hearts on fire and brings us back to our destiny. CYOD is helping the youths to restore their family relationships, to excel in their academics, to overcome hard circumstances, and to push through to their destiny. These things happen by becoming Christ-like through discipleship.

Overflowing Dreams

CYOD helps the young people to dream big, not only for themselves but for their family, campus, community, and nation. It allows the youth to have faith that Go’s will is still possible to be achieved.

Desires for Change

Our aim is to be the salt and light of this world. We remind each young person that they are the hope that would change the world, starting from themselves, then their campus, the nation, and last the world. We make the distinction and the difference in our own little way in the place where everyone is the same, but when we come united we will create a mark of changed, we make a national transformation.

We are CYOD.

The campus youth of destiny is a youth movement under the supervision of the Faithful Jesus Church. Together with the campus leaders we have one vision. We believe that every youth is a leader who loves God and conquers campuses and that empowers us to invade, penetrate, and make a change for our campuses that will lead to national transformation.